Hope Floats

by Aaron Evans



39 and PRIME!!!
It's my mother fucking Birthday AND Hope Floats my new album is OUT NOW!!!!

*** Stream and Purchase today at www.aaronevansart.com ***

Fuck the fancy intro, for the last 4 years my life has been nothing short of a living hell. We all know that. But sometimes in life, you have to lose everything, to finally find yourself. Today is my 39th Birthday, and I can say with pride that I'm entering the prime of my life. For what I found in the depths of the darkest hole I've ever know, is hope. A hope that planted itself deep within my soul, refused to lose sight of the light, and now is ready to share it's fruit with the world.

Hope Floats is 11 tracks of uplifting, inspirationally infused music I wrote and recorded over the this tumultuous time period of my life. But don't get the wrong impression. This isn't emo Hip Hop meant to sit in the muck. No, Hope Floats is the triumphant vibes I would blast in my car on the way to the gym, on the days when the demons of my depression just wouldn't let up. Tho tackling many difficult powerful topics in todays world, this album maintains a fun, albeit somewhat rebellious tone from start to finish. (We'll track 10 and 11 get a little heavy, just a heads up.)

Hope Floats is my personal favorite album of the now 20 projects I've been a part of in my carrer. It's not my favorite because it's the newest, it's favorite because it's the most accurate picture of me and my crazy life. It's my balance. From the might of my roar, to the softness of my purr, this is the lion, uncaged.

All the love in the world to Gary DjShag Gorzoch for sending a batch of beats to an Emcee he barley knew, who needed a lifeline in stormy seas. You saved my life brother. Now I'm gonna go save others. Your Jazzy, Funky bangers are not to be fucked with! Also sending love to The Yan Love Experience my HEMP clothing sponsor and Howard Merlin Wulkan for his outstanding job mixing and mastering the album at Farmadelica Studios. Without you three, this album wouldn't have happened.

And with that, I'm off to celebrate my birthday flying across the magical Gulf Coast on my homies Speed Boat. My goal with this album is to sell 1000 copies. I believe that's humbly obtainable. And, if you look at the stats, selling 1000 copies direct to family/fans/supporters, would bring more money in that MILLIONS for streams on platforms like Youtube and Spotify. And real talk FAM, I need the finical support. Most people would have done a fundraiser long ago, but that's just not my style. I'd rather ofter a labor of love, and trust in my heart that people will step up and have my back. I have BIG dreams moving forward but I need to get better about kindly ASKING for your $10 of support. I get that everyone can't buy a $100 or $1000 pipe. But 1000's of you have offered your help during this difficult time, and NOW is the moment I need you all to step up. I promise this album is worth every penny of your hard earned money, as I myself had to walk to hell and back several times to deliver it into your hands. For the next week that album will be exclusively on my website for the next week and then on all streaming platforms shortly after that. I also have new video on the way but we'll get into all that later this week.

For those looking for the light...

Look no further...

Hope Floats is here!!!

We Are Rising - We Are One.

From my Heart to your Heart.

Your brother,

Aaron Evans
The Lion.


released May 5, 2019

Vocal: Aaron Evans
Production: Dj Shag
Recorded, Mixed & Mastering: Howard Wulkan
Executive Producer: Aaron Evans


all rights reserved



Aaron Evans Florida

It’s been a long time coming.

But it has come.

Welcome to The Jungle.

THIS, is the era of The Lion.

We Are Rising.

We Are One.
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